Project description

With the support of the “Energie Kompetenz Centrum” (EKC) the new cooperative “Bürgerenergiepark Mittleres Nordfriesland eG” was founded in March 2010 in Bredstedt. True to the motto of the founding meeting of the EKC “Bredstedt 2020 – We have energy! Together strong for our climate! “, The association has long been committed to an environmentally friendly and sustainable energy supply in Bredstedt. The concept of the community energy farm is another milestone on the way to an independent and regenerative energy production of the place. This is how it works: The roofs of public and private buildings of the Amt Mittleres Nordfriesland should be equipped with solar panels. Every citizen can buy a membership in the cooperative for € 500 and thus has a say in decisions concerning the community energy farm. In addition, he will be supplied with green electricity from now on. In addition to the advantage of self-sufficiency through ecological and sustainable energy, the concept also offers those citizens a chance to participate, who could not afford solar panels themselves. They are involved in the concept of sustainable power generation, too. In a further step, other projects of sustainable energy generation will be financed in the future.

Project type

  • Renewable electricity


  • Solar PV system

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