Project description

The Bürgerwindpark Janneby is one of the two windmill test fields in Schleswig-Holstein. It is located about 20 km away from the cities of Flensburg, Husum and Schleswig, centrally on the Schleswig Geest with a suitability area of currently about 577 hectares. The wind farm is managed in the form of a cooperative whose members all come from northern Schleswig-Holstein, 90 % of the members even come directly from the community area. The deposits of the comrades are between 1.000,- Euro and 61.000,- Euro, the average is about 45.000,- Euro. At the Bürgerwindpark Janneby, 8 wind turbines with an installed capacity of 24.6 MW are currently in operation. These are predominantly prototypes (5 turbines). The remaining three plants are modified series machines. Tests are carried out on all systems on an ongoing basis. These are, for example, prototype certifications, voltage input tests and the testing and certification of new components.

Project type

  • Renewable electricity


  • Wind turbines

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Eggebeker Weg 7, D-24992 Janneby, Germany


54.6332565, 9.3083916