Project description

The company has set itself the goal of producing electricity in an environmentally friendly manner on the one hand and offering the citizens of Oldenborstel and the surrounding area the opportunity to participate on the other. Therefore, after several years of planning and a referendum in February 2013, the BWO Bürgerwindpark Oldenborstel GmbH & Co. KG was founded by Klaus Heinrich Ehlers and other residents as well as the iTerra Wind. KG was founded. In addition to the founding members, several citizens of Oldenborstel and Christinenthal in the Schleswig-Holstein district of Steinburg as well as iTerra Wind employees have now joined the company as limited partners. Construction work on the construction of two wind turbines began as early as 2013, and these were connected to the grid in September 2014. These are 3.2-megawatt turbines that could supply more than 3,000 households with electricity under optimal wind conditions and capacity utilisation.

Project type

  • Renewable electricity


  • Wind turbines

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Hessenweg 2, 25560 Oldenborstel, Germany


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