Project description

In order to use less energy, the community Damendorf has founded the “Dämmgemeinschaft Damendorf”. It aims to bring together homeowners willing to renovate their houses energy-friendly in order to carry out the steps together. Initiated by the municipality and Günther Siegmon, the former energy consultant of Stadtwerke Eckernförde, in a first step homeowners with similar thermal insulation problems are brought together. Thermography campaigns are carried out in order to show the energetic weak points on the basis of thermal images of the houses. In a second step, specialist companies will inform about various insulation possibilities as well as financing options. Subsequently, the insulation work will be jointly tendered, professionally accompanied and implemented. In addition to the advantage of being a member of a strong community, which benefits from the knowledge of all participants, the group also expects cheaper prices due to the larger order volume.

Project type

  • Renewable heat source


  • District heating network
  • Waste, biomass, hydro, wind

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Damendorf, Germany


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