Project description

An apartment block in Keuruu (central Finland) replaced the old oil heating system with a pellet heating system. The project was driven by the need to reduce the increasing energy costs. Before starting the project, the block’s caretaker had considered the possibility to join the local district heating but since the district heating prices were excessively high it was decided to invest in the pellet heating system. The pellet heating system is combined to solar thermal heating collectors. The project was funded by the residents (85%) and the Finnish Government’s Energy Fund (15%). The board offered to each resident the possibility to pay their share of the new heating system either by a one-off payment or through a five-year bank. The project has generated significant energy cost savings of about 8000 Euros per year.

Project type

  • Renewable heat source


  • Biomass boiler
  • Solar heat collectors

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Multiantie 1, 42700 Keuruu


62.2614321, 24.7082323