CRITIS 2018, the 13th edition of the CRITIS series of conferences, seeks to promote innovative research and key achievements in the field of critical (information) infrastructure protection and resilience.


The CRITIS series of conferences foster the cross-sector dialogue between relevant stakeholders: academics, practitioners, critical (information) infrastructure operators, industry, defence sector and policy-makers.


Besides, CRITIS 2018 conference has a special focus on current and future energy infrastructures within a special session Energy infrastructure operators and stakeholders: key challenges and solution directions, covering the following topics:


  • Energy sector and its increasing reliance on operational technologies and CII
  • Infrastructure, architectural and technology changes in the energy sector which may impact the sector approach to C(I)I or challenge other C(I)I-sectors, e.g. smart grids and energy supply in smart city developments
  • New C(I)IP challenges in energy transmission / transport
  • Cross-border emergency management exercises
  • Impact of geopolitical & social factors and threat


Invited key experts from the energy sector will share their experience in the field led by the fruitful discussions.


The list of invited experts from the energy sector will be announced around 1st February 2018.