ZONeSEC event


Widezone Surveillance for Critical Infrastructure Protection


27 September, 2018

Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas,

S. Daukanto g. 28,

Kaunas, Lithuania



Widezones around critical infrastructures (e.g. gas or oil pipelines, highways, electricity networks, water supply networks) are defined as an area or stretch of land having a particular characteristic, purpose, or use, or is subject to particular restrictions. A failure or threat materialized at one critical point along the Widezone can compromise the integrity of the critical infrastructures. The EU lacks affordable solutions for the surveillance of widezones, but there are also other limitations, related to the complexity and diversity of employed systems; their efficiency, robustness and resilience; their compliance with EU policies and societal values, in particular data protection and privacy; and the difficulty to coordinate surveillance activities in transboundary settings.


Conventional surveillance systems that mainly consist of a network of visual sensors and one or more processing and storage nodes, are not directly applicable in wide area zones, where a larger redundant number of sensors and cameras is necessary. More recently, complex interconnected sensor systems are deployed in wide geographic areas, which communicate collected data to storage servers with supporting software services for aggregation, processing, decision making or alarms. ZONeSEC project ( is four year demonstration project finishing in November 2018 and the final result is a system-of-systems (with integration of new and legacy sensors) for visualizing the critical infrastructure and the sensors deployed for widezone surveillance, detecting illicit activities and alerting operators and other features. ZONeSEC final event brings opportunity for sharing the results of four-year project, as well as hearing about similar initiatives, analyzing joint possibilities for collaboration, and discussing the future of widezone surveillance for critical infrastructure protection, in light of the forthcoming challenges and technology trends.





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