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Ignalina Source Book


ACAutomatic Control
ACR Automatic Control Rod
ACSAccident Confinement System
ADMS Auxiliary Deaerator Makeup System
AFWP Auxiliary Feed Water Pump
ATWS Anticipated Transients Without Scram
AZ-1 - AZ-6Emergency Protection AZ-1 - AZ-6
BSBaltic System
BSRC Bottom Steam Reception Chamber
BWCC Bottom Water Communication Compartments
BWPC Bottom Water Pipes Compartments
BWR Boiling Water Reactor
CANDU Heavy Water Reactor with Pressure Tubes
CKBMCentral Design Office of Mechanical Engineering
CNIITMASHCentral Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering
CPS Control Protection System
CRCC Control Rod Cooling Circuit
CTCS Condenser Tray Cooling System
CVCS Chemical and Volume Control System
DAZSupplementary Emergency Protection
DB-LOCA Design Basis LOCA
DBADesign Basis Accident
DC Direct Auxiliary Feed Water
DG Diesel-Generator
DSDrum Separator
DSA Permissible Contents of Radionuclide in Sensitive Organ
EBRD European Bank of Reconstruction and Development
ECCS Emergency Core Cooling System
EHCS Electric Hydraulic Control System
EPPS Emergency Process Protection System
FAS Fast Acting Scram
FASR Fast Acting Scram Rod
FASS Fast Acting Scram System
FC Fission Chamber
FCIM Fuel Claddings Integrity Monitoring
FSARFormat on Safety Analysis Report
GDH Group Distribution Header
HCC Hot Condensate Chamber
HCS Hydraulic Control System
HE Heat Exchanger
HPC High Pressure Cylinder
IAEAInternational Atomic Energy Agency
IC Intermediate Circuits
ICS Information Computing System
ISAG Ignalina Safety Analysis Group
ISIIn-Service Inspection
ISPIgnalina Safety Panel
KOM Emergency Protection With Special Key KOM
LAC Local Automatic Control
LACR Local Automatic Control Rod
LAP Local Automatic Protection
LEI Lithuanian Energy Institute
LEP Local Emergency Protection
LOCA Loss Of Coolant Accident
LPCLow Pressure Cylinder
LPR Low Pressure Reheater
LSR Local Scram Rod
MCC Main Circulation Circuit
MCP Main Circulation Pump
MCR Manual Control Rod
MFWP Main Feed Water Pump
MSIVMain Steam Isolation Valve
MSK-64 Seismic Stability Scale
MSV Main Safety Valve
NAL Normal Affluent Level
NIKIET Russian Acronym for RDIPE
NPP Nuclear Power Plant
NSANuclear Safety Account
PIEPostulated Initiating Events
PCS Purification and Cooling System
PDDMS Power Density Distribution Monitoring System
PDMS-A Power Density Monitoring Sensor - Axial
PDMS-R1 Power Density Monitoring Sensor - Radial (with hafnium oxide emitter)
PDMS-R2 Power Density Monitoring Sensor - Radial (with silver emitter)
PROMETEIInstitute of Material Research
PSA Probabilistic Safety Assessment
QAQuality Assurance
RBMK Russian Acronym for Channelized Large Power Reactor
RC Reactor Cavity
RCIM Reactor Channel Integrity Monitoring
RDIPE Research and Development Institute of Power Engineering
RLC Reinforced Leaktight Compartment
RRCC Radial Reflector Cooling Channels
RSR Review Safety Report
SA Supplementary Absorber
SACR Shorted Automatic Control Rod
SAR Safety Analysis Report, Shorted Absorber Rod
SDV-A Steam Discharge Valve to ACS Pool
SDV-C Steam Discharge Valve to Turbine Condenser
SDV-D Steam Discharge Valve to Deaerator
SFASingle Failure Analysis
SGAM Steam-Gas-Air Mixture
SIPSafety Improvement Project
SWP Service Water Pumps
SWS Service Water System
TIRV Turbine Isolation and Regulating Valve
VATESI Lithuanian State Atomic Energy Safety Inspection
VNIIAESResearch and Development Institute for Nuclear Power Plants
VNIPIET Russian Acronym for Research and Development Institute for Energy Technology
VVER Russian Acronym for Soviet Design PWR
WPOPE Working Place for Operator Process Engineer