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Ignalina Source Book


This publication provides an overview of design and operational data regarding the RBMK-1500 Nuclear Power Plants located at Ignalina, Lithuania. The content is modeled on the data presentation scheme employed by U.S. FSAR reports with modifications made as required by the unique RBMK design. Particular emphasis is placed on safety related design data. Subjects covered include: description of the site characteristics, design of structures and components, descriptions of the reactor, the fuel channels, reactor shielding structures, control rod channels and refueling equipment plus procedures. An extensive section deals with various aspects of the main circulation system and systems for cooling control rods, instrumentation and shielding. In addition, such systems as the Reactor Cavity Overpressure Protection System, Fuel Cladding Integrity Monitoring System, Emergency Power Protection System, Electric Power System, Steam and Power Conversion System, Service Water System, Intermediate Circuits System as well as other auxiliary systems are described. Presented engineered safety features include the accident confinement system, radiation protection features, reactor power control systems, emergency core cooling and water purification systems and safety management. System description includes also an overview of their evaluated response during design basis accidents. The results of the In-Depth Safety Assessment of the Ignalina NPP are discussed, this includes results of system and accident analyses, safety improvements performed at the Ignalina plant after the Chernobyl accident and during implementation of the first as well as the second Safety Improvement Program.