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Ignalina Source Book


1.1 General panorama of the Ignalina NPP
1.2 General units arrangements
1.3 Panorama of auxiliary services
1.4 Plan of the Ignalina NPP main buildings
1.5 Cross-section A-A of one unit of the Ignalina NPP
1.6 Cross-section B-B of one unit of the Ignalina NPP
1.7 Heat cycle diagram
1.8 Scope of responsibility for the Ignalina NPP project
1.9 Relationship of the Ignalina NPP with the authorities of the Republic of Lithuania
2.1 Location of the Ignalina NPP
2.2 Configuration of lake Drūkšiai, location of the Ignalina NPP and permanent testing stations (1-6)
2.3 Bathygraphic curves of lake Drūkšiai
2.4 Glacial accretions of the ground-cover in the Ignalina NPP area
3.1 The relation between seismic scales
4.1 General view of the reactor
4.2 General view of the graphite stack and the water-steam piping
4.3 Segment of the graphite stack
4.4 Cross-section of the reactor vault
4.5 Top metal structures
4.6 Segment of the top cover
4.7 Fuel channel shielding plug
4.8 Shielding sleeves in the top reflector
4.9 Fuel assembly
4.10 Fuel channel
4.11 Graphite and zirconium interaction zone
4.12 Fuel channel seal plug
4.13 Change of hole diameter in graphite bricks and equivalent diameter of pressure tubes (pressure tube & graphite rings) during operation of Ignalina NPP unit 1
4.14 Reactor - control and protection system channel
4.15 Reflector - cooling channel
4.16 Refueling machine
4.17 Grabber
4.18 Control rod drive
4.19 Block diagram of the reactor draining system
4.20 Refueling machine operation
5.1 Schematic representation of one loop of the main forced circulation circuit
5.2 Elevations of the MCC
5.3 Isolation and control valve
5.5 Operation parameters of the isolation and control valve
5.6 Vertical variation of coolant parameters along the maximum designed power 4.5 MW fuel channel
5.7 Separator drum
5.8 Connections at the liquid and steam level between separator drums
5.9 The pump equipment of the RBMK type reactor
5.10 Schematic of the RBMK-1500 pump
5.11 A schematic representation of the throttling-regulating valve
5.12 A schematic representation of the GDH check valve
5.13 Steam piping
5.14 Water feedback system
5.15 A schematic representation of purification and cooling system
5.16 Control rod cooling circuit
5.17 Schematic of fuel cladding integrity monitoring system
6.1 Section of RBMK-1500 measurement parameters
6.2 Principal ACS schematic
6.3 Condensing compartment and pool
6.4 Sketch of steam distribution devices
6.5 Fifth steam-condensing pool
6.6 Gas-delay chamber
6.7 Condenser tray cooling system
6.8 Simplified schematic of the reactor pressure relief system
6.9 GDH rupture after the check valve
6.10 Void reactivity coefficient versus fuel burnup
6.11 Neutron flux measurement location
6.12 Cross-section of a suspension bracket of the fission chamber
6.13 Suspension bracket section of the ionization chamber for reactor startup
6.14 Cross-section of the suspension bracket ionization chamber for normal reactor operation
6.15 Sensor for the radial power density monitoring PDMS-R
6.16 The suspension bracket for in-core power density sensor of axial monitoring PDMS-A
6.17 Tri-axial bi-sectional chamber used in the PDMS-A detector
6.18 Reactor power density distribution monitoring system sensor distribution in the reactor cross-section
6.19 Arrangement of control and protection system absorber rods in the core
6.20 Control rod design
6.21 Emergency core cooling system
6.22 ECCS actuation logic
7.1 Schematic representation of system for the recovery and purification of demineralized water
7.2 Process scheme of auxiliary deaerator makeup system
7.3 Flow diagram of the HEs of the ACS condenser tray cooling system SWS
7.4 Reactor gas circuit with released gas cleaning system
8.1 Circuit diagram of power supply at units 1 and 2
8.2 Circuit diagram of emergency power supply system
11.1 Damage and accident contributors in different initiating event classes
11.2 Damage and accident contributors in short, intermediate and long term cooling
12.1 The Ignalina NPP organizational chart
12.2 The Ignalina NPP operating service organization chart
13.1 The modernization of the RBMK-1500 manual control rods
13.2 Fast-acting scram system test, at reactor power N = 0.4Nnom