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Ignalina Source Book


1.1 Specific status of the RBMK plants
1.2 Fundamental parameters of the RBMK-1500 reactor
1.3 Comparison of BWR and RBMK - 1500 reactor parameters
2.1 Population distribution
2.2 Main data of hydrologic and hydrothermic regime of water cooling reservoir of the Ignalina NPP
2.3 Filtration properties of glacial accretions of the ground-cover in the Ignalina NPP area
2.4 Engineering-geological properties of glacial accretions of the ground-cover in the Ignalina NPP area
3.1 Seismic stability of the Ignalina NPP structures
3.2 Chemical composition of steels, used for the main equipment of RBMK-1500 reactors
3.3 Physical-mechanical properties of steels, used for the main equipment of RBMK-1500 reactors
3.4 Thermo-physical properties of low-alloy steels
3.5 Steel 08Ch18N10T properties at 20 oC after exposure to fast neutrons with different fluencies
3.6 Physical-mechanical zirconium alloy properties
3.7 Influence of fluency exposure on physical-mechanical properties of alloy Zr+2.5 % Nb
3.8 Chemical compositions of different concretes
3.9 Neutron and gamma quantum attenuation parameters of concrete
3.10 Radiation influence to strength of concretes
4.1 Composition and dimensions of principal biological shield components
4.2 Biological shielding parameters of the office premises which are adjacent to the operating equipment
4.3 List of non-service compartments
4.4 Fuel assembly parameters
4.5 Fuel channel inspection program for unit 1 of the Ignalina NPP
4.6 The channels and their number
4.7 Reactivity control system rods
5.1 Water and steam volumes of one loop of the MCC
5.2 Coolant operating conditions at 4200MW(th) power operation
5.3 Parameters of the fuel channels
5.4 Specifications of the separator drum
5.5 Specifications of the suction header of the MCP
5.6 Pump characteristic
5.7 Electric motor characteristics
5.8 Specifications of throttling-regulating valve
5.9 Specifications of the pressure header of the MCP
5.10 Operation parameters of the steam
5.11 Parameters of the protective steam discharge valves
5.12 Fast-acting steam discharge valve to turbine condenser
5.13 Fast-acting steam discharge valve to fifth pool of the ACS tower
5.14 Operation parameter of feedwater
5.15 Specification of the condensate pump of first stage
5.16 Specifications of the condensate pump of second stage
5.17 Specifications of condensate filters
5.18 Low pressure reheater PND-1
5.19 Low pressure reheater PND-2
5.20 Low pressure reheater PND-3
5.21 Low pressure reheater PND-4
5.22 Low pressure reheater PND-5
5.23 Specifications of the deaerator
5.24 Specifications of the main feed water pump
5.25 Specifications of the auxiliary feed water pump
5.26 Specifications of the filter
5.27 Specifications of the control valve for main feeder
5.28 Specification of the filter
5.29 Specification of the control valve for auxiliary feeder
5.30 Specification of the mixer
5.31 Specification of the control valve
5.32 Purification pump
5.33 Specification of the regenerator
5.34 Specifications of the additional cooler
5.35 Specifications of water quality
5.36 Specifications of the filter
5.37 Specification of the ion exchanger
5.38 Specification of the CRCC
5.39 Specification of the top tank
5.40 Specification of the coolers
5.41 Specifications of the bottom storage tank
5.42 Specifications of the pump
5.43 Specification of the discharge pump
5.44 Materials
6.1 Main measured parameters
6.2 Limits of safe operation of Ignalina NPP with RBMK-1500
6.3 Main dose limits
6.4 Allowable release of radioactive gases and aerosols from Ignalina NPP
6.5 Principal ACS design characteristics
6.6 ACS components
6.7 ACS leakage test results of the Ignalina NPP unit 1
6.8 ACS leakage test results of the Ignalina NPP unit 2
6.9 The state of the reactor at the Ignalina NPP
6.10 Measurements of steam reactivity coefficient and means of reducing it at the Ignalina NPP unit 1
6.11 Measurements of steam reactivity coefficient and means of reducing it at the Ignalina NPP unit 2
6.12 Neutron flux measurement
6.13 Reactor power density distribution monitoring system sensors
6.14 Structural types of control rods
6.15 Thermal power of an RBMK-1500 reactor as a function of time, during emergency protection AZ-1
6.16 Estimate of ECCS flow rate during a DB-LOCA
6.17 Characteristics of the ECCS and Auxiliary Deaerator Makeup System Pumps
6.18 Water Reservoir Capacities for the ECCS
7.1 Specifications of reception tank for contaminated DW
7.2 Specification of pumps
7.3 Design specification of the DW purification facility
7.4 Specifications of tank of purified DW
7.5 Specification of pumps
7.6 Required water quality
7.7 Technical specification of the auxiliary deaerator makeup system pump
7.8 Required water quality in the ADMS system
7.9 Service water flow rates to main equipment at tcool = 28 0C
7.10 Specification of the SWS pump
7.11 The nominal SWS operating parameters
7.12 IC-1 conditions
7.13 Technical specification of heat exchangers of IC-1 and IC-2
7.14 Technical specification of pumps of IC-1 and IC-2
7.15 IC-2 conditions
7.16 Main components connected to intermediate circuit IC-2
7.17 Water quality in IC-1, IC-2
7.18 Special venting system structure
8.1 List of loads according to steps
8.2 The characteristics of diesel generator of ASD-5600 type
8.3 Main characteristics of rectifier of TPPS-800 type
8.4 Main characteristics of inverter PTS-200 type
8.5 Main characteristics of switching device TKEP-100 type
8.6 Main characteristics of disconnecting device TKEO type
9.1 Fast-acting steam discharge valve to deaerators
9.2 Main Technical characteristics of turbine K-750-65/3000
9.3 Technical specification of steam - separator reheater SPP-750
9.4 Technical specification of turbine condenser K-16560
9.5 Technical specification of main turbine ejector of EPO-3-220 type
9.6 Main characteristics of turbine generator TVV-800-2UZ
11.1 Temperatures of failure by cladding collapse at P=7 MPa
11.2 Temperature of failure by cladding ballooning
11.3 Meteorological parameters
13.1 EBRD funded safety improvement projects at Ignalina NPP