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12/05/2016 - Preparation and publication material of Lithuanian National Energy Strategy

On May12, at the Ministry of Energy LEI representatives presented the cornerstones of the National Energy Strategy (further NES) and most important issues that will be publicly discussed when preparing a new NES project.

Preparation of NES is based on comprehensive scientific research, performed by LEI. Complex mathematical models were employed in the analysis. For example, the model, which describes operation and development of the energy sector, demand variations, intermittent generation, reservation options and other factors important for energy sector development is comprised of 570 thousand equations and 1.1 million variables. This model was developed at the laboratory of Energy Systems Research and is based on MESSAGE modelling package Despite of huge amount of work involved, the research was carried out within a half year period. “The Estonians have been developing the strategy for almost 3 years, Swedish researchers appointed 2 years to perform the initial strategy analysis. We work slightly faster”, observed the Minister of Energy Rokas Masiulis.   

Chief research associate at LEI laboratory of Energy Systems Research, project leader dr. Arvydas Galinis presented strategic directions of energy sector development, which will remain in the final project as well as issues for public discussion.

Among main strategic pathways there are: maximal development of competitive indigenous energy generation sources, trend towards energy efficiency that increases general competitiveness of the country, orientation towards wider utilization of renewable energy sources. “Big attention in the National Energy Strategy is devoted to the flexibility and rationality of the national energy sector as well as integration into the energy markets.  This allows in the best way withstanding internal and external disturbances and providing energy to consumers  safely, reliably, at the lowest costs and without violating environmental and other restrictions”, stated the project leader dr. A. Galinis.

In the NES project the role of Lithuania as energy competences’ center in the fields of energy sector strategic planning, construction of energy objects, development and modernization of energy production technologies is emphasized. According to the Minister of Energy, R.Masiulis, Lithuanian experience, that is gained while implementing complex projects, should now be exploited.

Another distinguishing aspect - the social and macroeconomic impact of selected energy sector development scenarios was assessed first time in preparation of the Lithuanian National Energy Strategy. Using an especially developed general equilibrium model, the researchers of LEI Laboratory of Energy Systems Research evaluated the net impacts of energy development scenarios on the output and value added by economic activity, employment, taxes, and other economic indicators. “The energy sector should strive to make increase competitiveness of Lithuania and attract industry investments”, - stated the Minister of Energy, R. Masiulis.

In the nearest future NES cornerstones will be discussed with scientific society, energy experts and professionals, politicians, industrialists, residents and other interested groups. After such discussions, the final NES project will be prepared. 

One of the most important principles in preparing of this National Energy Strategy is publicity. The analysis performed by Lithuanian Energy Institute as well as the National Energy Strategy version submitted for discussions are also announced publicly.

Overview of the Lithuanian NES project (in English) (.pptx)

National energy strategy (first draft, subject to discussions) (in Lithuanian)
Technical economic analysis of energy sector development (summary) (In Lithuanian)
Technical economic analysis of energy sector development (in Lithuanian)
Technical economic analysis of energy sector development. Analysis of scenarios of Energy sector future development (summary of results) (in Lithuanian)
Analysis of Energy Security (in Lithuanian)
Evaluation of social and macroeconomic impact of proposed National Energy Strategy development scenarios (in Lithuanian)
Presentation given by A.Galinis during public discussion on National Energy Strategy at LSC on 23.05.2016 (in Lithuanian)

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