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06/12/2016 - Clean, safe, limitless energy – is Nuclear Fusion poised to deliver?

Clean, safe, limitless energy that meets demands of the Modern World could be produced in Nuclear Fusion power plants.
Increasingly, World's top powers, new startups and investors are turning their attention towards research of Fusion Energy.

Currently, construction of ITER  – world's largest experimental fusion reactor – picks up pace in France. The aim of ITER is to prove that technology has advanced enough to create a nuclear fusion reaction that produces more net energy than is necessary to create and maintain the reaction.

We would like to share with You an excellent informative article by The Guardian on the continuing 60 year journey towards practical fusion energy and an incredibly complex technology employed at ITER.

Lithuanian Energy Institute, by employing its expertise in Nuclear Power Research, contributes to the development of future energy technologies today. A joint effort to achieve nuclear fusion by 2050 is coordinated by EUROfusion consortium, where LEI, together with research organizations from 27 countries, develops concept project DEMO – a successor to ITER, a nuclear fusion power station intended to build upon the ITER experimental nuclear fusion reactor, and become a "first of a kind" commercial station. LEI also contributed to the development of Stellarator type experimental fusion reactor Wendelstein 7-X.

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