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22/10/2018 - Mantas Povilaitis – one of ETSON competition laureates

On the 15-18th of October, 2018 International Conference on the Challenges Faced by Technical and Scientific Support Organizations (TSOs)
took place in Brussels. The individual conference session was devoted to presentation of ETSON activities. They were presented by the president Benoît De Boeck.
During the session ETSON Youth competition Award participants gave their presentations as well. One of the co-authors of presentation was Dr. Mantas Povilaitis
from LEI. We are pleased to note that M.Povilaitis became one of ETSON competition laureates.

The activities of ETSON Technical Board on Reactor Safety and its groups as well as ETSON scientific research groups were presented by separate ETSON
representatives’ presentations (Dr. Habil. Eugenijus Ušpuras is one of the co-authors of the above mentioned presentation). The issues of cooperation between
IAEA and ETSON were presented as well, the cooperation agreement between ETSON and JRC was signed.

IAEA BelV TSO conf 2018 - ETSON Award - Mantas Povilaitis


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