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Scientific Divisions
Laboratory of Heat-Equipment Research and Testing (12)
Laboratory of Combustion Processes (13)
Nuclear Engineering Laboratory (14)
Plasma Processing Laboratory (15)
Laboratory of Materials Research and Testing (16)
Laboratory of Nuclear Installation Safety (17)
Center for Hydrogen Energy Technologies (18)
Laboratory of Smart Grids and Renewable Energy (21)
Laboratory of Energy Systems Research (31)
Laboratory of Hydrology (33)
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Scientific Divisions / Laboratory for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (20)

Laboratory for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (20)

Under supervision

Dr. Rimantas Bakas
Breslaujos 3, LT-44403 Kaunas

Phone +370 (37) 40 1930
Fax     +370 (37) 35 12 71

Main research directions of the Laboratory:
   research and modeling of wind flow variation in different regions of Lithuania;
   development and research of models and methodologies for forecast of variation of wind power plant capacity;
   research of the aspects of performance efficiency and environmental impact of industrial and small wind power plants, preparation of feasibility studies of wind power plants;
   research of development of solid biomass sources, fuel preparation and combustion technologies;
   research of biogas and biofuel production processes and environmental problems;
   analysis and research of use of sustainable development of renewable energy sources;
   analysis and promotion of advanced energy production technologies using local and renewable energy sources, compilation of databases, services and consultations to users, dissemination of information to the society;
  to accumulate, analyze and transfer to experts and society the experience of efficient energy production, transfer, distribution and final consumption in Lithuania and abroad during scientific research;
  research related to the National program for enhancement of efficiency of energy consumption;
  participation in international projects, organization of seminars and training courses.
Research of development of renewable energy technologies
The Laboratory carries out research related to wind, solar, and biomass energy as well as research related to development of technologies designed to ensure sustainable development of usage of renewable energy sources (further RES) in the country, promote development and implementation of new technologies, and reduce dependence on imported energy sources.
Mounting of direction stabilizer in the wind power plant on the rooftop of the Institute

Consultation activities
Researchers of the Laboratory broadly use their scientific competence and experience by providing consultations to municipal employees, industry enterprises, state institution employees, giving presentations at qualification improvement training courses for specialists and officers of state institutions.
Thermo-visual research of buildings
Thermo-visual diagnostics of buildings, electricity sector and technologic processes
Thermo-vision is a non-contact measuring technology for surface temperatures based on measuring heat radiation intensity. Thermo-visual research is applied for investigating and maintaining residential houses and industrial buildings, roofs, piping, electrical installation, chimneys, and mechanical facilities. It is also used for determining liquid leakage issues, filling levels in the tanks/containers, monitoring and controlling the quality of processes. Thermo-visual research is carried out using thermal imaging camera Flir B400, the measurement of surface temperature ranges from -20 °C to +350 °C.
Thermo-visual research of electricity sector and heating pipes 
Certification of energy efficiency for buildings
Expert on certification of energy efficiency in buildings carries out the certification of energy performance for buildings. Certification of energy performance of a building is a process regulated by legislation, during which energy consumption of the building is determined, the building is assigned to a performance class, and a certificate of energy efficiency of the building is issued.
Sample energy efficiency certificate of the building 
Energy audits
In 2014, the expert S. Masaitis was awarded the qualification of auditor by the PE Energy Agency enabling him to perform energy auditing in devices and technological processes.

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