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About LEI / History

In 1948 the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences established the Institute of Technical Sciences. This institution, which was comprised of 5 subdivisions (Energy, Metals technology, Textile technology, Construction and engineering constructions, Technical physics), analysed the issues of rational water energy and fuel consumption, metals industry rationalization and its work processes automation as well as typical projects of industry and dwelling construction.
In the institute spreading research in various fields of technical sciences, analysing production processes, research method as well as theoretical solution of the analysed issues became more related to physics. Therefore, in 1952 the Institute of Technical Scienceswas reorganized into the Institute of Physics-Technology.




The previous sectors of the institute were supplemented with the sectors of Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy as well as agriculture and electrification. Subject to the resolution of the Academy of Sciences the new institute was to develop research in the fields of physics, mathematics and technical sciences: to form scientific basis for the consumption of energy resources, development of energy and electrification of the republic, agriculture, stockbreeding and construction mechanization; to care about Kaunas hydropower plant construction, the development of the river Nemunas and smaller rivers’ hydropower; to investigate properties of semiconductors, to develop and apply approximate atom quantum-mechanical calculation methods; to investigate physical-mechanical properties of textile raw material and local construction materials.
In 1956 a qualitatively new specialization step was made – in Kaunas in the basis of separate institute laboratories or their groups were established the institutes of Construction and Architecture as well as the institutes of Lithuanian Agriculture Mechanization and Electrification, whereas in Vilnius – the Institute of Physics and Mathematics. After further institute specialization in the basis of fibrous materials laboratory in 1961 the Institute of Textile Industry Scientific Research was established.
On the basis of the remaining laboratories the Institute of Energy and Electrotechnics was established, which in 1967 was renamed as the Institute of Physical-Technical Energy Problems.


Since 1992 institute was renamed to Lithuanian Energy Institute.

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