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2017/09/15 - TopSafe 2017 – Call for Papers

TopSafe 2017






TopSafe 2017 – Call for Papers

TopSafe 2017 provides a forum for addressing the current status and future perspectives with regards to safety at Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs), Small Modular Reactors (SMRs), Research Reactors (RRs) and other nuclear installations.

TopSafe 2017 is organised in collaboration with the IAEA and will take place at the IAEA Headquarter in Vienna.

The TopSafe 2017 Programme Committee is now calling for both oral and poster presentations associated with the regulation, operation and technical support of current and future nuclear installations in the following areas:

- Safety Analysis and Assessment

·         Operating Experience Feedback and Lessons Learned

·         Power Upgrades

·         Ageing Management and Long Term Operation

·         Periodic Safety Review and Safety Upgrades

·         Spent Fuel Treatment and Storage

·         Shutdown States

·         External Hazards

·         High Level Waste

·         Implementation of actions following stress tests

·         Severe Accidents

- Safety and Risk Management

·         Safety Culture

·         Leadership Organisation and Management for Safety

·         Safety Reports and Reviews

·         Passive safety systems

·         Experience Feedback from International Organisations

·         Implementation of Safety Standards and interface with Security

·         Political and public perception

·         Research and Development Programs

·         Severe Accident Management, Emergency Planning and Response

·         Human Factors

- Trends in Nuclear Safety

·         Risk informed decision making

·         Best Estimate codes and methods

·         Beyond Design Basis and Design Extension Conditions

·         Integrated Management Systems

·         Embarking nuclear programmes (utility requirements, regulations)

·         Harmonisation of requirements and regulations

·         Knowledge Management and Configuration Control


TopSafe 2017 is directed at a broad range of experts in the area of nuclear safety, including professionals from the different disciplines involved in the safety of nuclear installations. It is aimed at professionals coming from research organisations, universities, vendors, operators, regulatory bodies as well as policy makers. Top level representatives of countries that are constructing new nuclear power plants are invited. Regulators of all individual countries with nuclear programmes are expected to contribute the conference.

Authors should submit their abstract text in English (a minimum of 400 words) through the Abstract Submission System on by:

15 September 2016

Notification of abstract acceptance: 31 October 2016

Draft full paper submission for review (minimum 1000 words):
15 December 2016

Final paper submission: 20 January 2017

Deadline for submission of PowerPoint presentations:
3 February 2017

Conference Secretariat

European Nuclear SCciety
Avenue des Arts 56 - 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Tel. +32 2 505 30 54 - Fax +32 2 502 39 02


European Nuclear Society | +32 2 505 30 50 |
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