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2012/01/30 - ITER Newsline No. 207



We are pleased to present the 27 Jan, 2012 (#207) issue of the ITER Newsline.

Below, we've included a quick sample of what Newsline #207 has to offer:



Simplify and Improve(IT)²



From the inside



2011 has been a whirlwind of activity for the Department for Administration in which we had the benefit of three Management Advisory Committee meetings, two ITER Council meetings, two Financial Audit Boards and — last but not least-, the Management Assessment Review. The good news is that all the reviews recognized the significant...






ITER all-staff meeting in year number five






With more than 700 staff including contractors, an ITER all-staff meeting is not easy to organize these days. And so it was a welcomed opportunity to move this New Year's reception to Osco Manosco, the newly built communal hall of the neighbouring city of Manosque. And being the host it was the city's mayor, Bernard Jeanmet-Peralta,...









Seven Russian researchers to explore the ITER world



On Site



Seven young fusion researches and engineers from Russia arrived at the ITER Headquarters in France this week. Over the next 45 days they will work closely with engineers and scientists on site. Andrey Mednikov, for example, comes from the Efremov Institute in St. Petersburg where he will be actively contributing to the winding of...






Welcome, Mr. Tungsten Divertor






What do you expect to talk about when you plan for an interview with the newly appointed Leader of the Tungsten Divertor Section? Tungsten? The Tungsten Divertor ? As if it where that easy... When on 1 January this year Frederic Escourbiac took over the Divertor Section from Mario Merola, who is now in charge of ITER's Internal Components...









Hands on remote handling



Domestic Agencies



The European Domestic Agency F4E has signed a contract to receive engineering support over the next four years in the field of remote handling with OTL, Assystem UK and CCFE for a budget in the range of 3,5 million EUR. Mechanical, electrical, electronic and control systems engineering linked to remote handling systems and components...






...and much more!

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