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Information / Outline of topic “Accident Management”

  • General introduction
    • Plant and Core States.
    • Specifics of Accidents for Different Reactor Types.
    • Introduction to Accident Scenarios.
    • Severe accident phenomenology.
    • Source term associated with severe accidents.
    • Source Term Calculation Methods. Uncertainties. Restrictions.
    • Dose Calculation. Environmental consequences.
  • Preparation to the development of Accident Management Programme (AMP)
    • Event/Symptom based procedures and guidelines.
    • Analyses needed for AMP development.
    • Review of available safety analyses and specification of further information needs.
    • Preliminary analysis for EOPs:
      • Computational aids.
      • Preliminary analysis for mitigatory severe accident management actions.
    • Evaluation of the plant equipment and instrumentation performance.
  • Development of Accident Management Programme (AMP)
    • Selection of severe accident management strategies.
    • Development of severe accident management strategies.
    • Development of accident management procedures and guidelines.
    • Supporting accident analysis for development of procedures and guidelines.
    • Determination of the needs for plant instrumentation, equipment and material, and necessary upgrades.
    • Integration of procedures, guidelines and the plant’s emergency arrangements.
    • Verification and validation of procedures and guidelines. 

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