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PhD Studies

Doctoral research topics for candidates to doctoral studies intake 2018:

Energetics and Power Engineering (06T)
Joint doctoral studies provided by Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) and Lithuanian Energy Institute (LEI)

Topic title Possible scientific managers Source of funding
1. Operational reliability assessment of electric power system Dr. Virginijus Radziukynas state-funded
2. Voltage and reactive power control of smart grid and the efficiency estimation Dr. Virginijus Radziukynas state-funded
3. Theoretical and numerical investigation of biomass pyrolysis in hot liquid medium Dr. Algis Džiugys state-funded
4. Numerical investigation of granular dynamics, heat and mass transfer by Discrete Elements Method Dr. Algis Džiugys state-funded
5. Neutron transport and radioatvive processes analysis in ADS and neutron source systems Dr. Gediminas Stankūnas state-funded
6. Investigation of local effects in steam-water interface during condensation Dr. Marijus Šeporaitis state-funded
7. Synthesis and investigation of TiO2 based materials for the visible light assisted photocatalysis Dr. Martynas Lelis state-funded
8. Experimental Investigation of Long-therm Thermal Effects on Degradation of Power Plant Steels Dr. Arūnas Baltušnikas state-funded
Economics (04S)
Joint doctoral studies provided by Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), Klaipėda University (KU) and Lithuanian Energy Institute (LEI)
  Topic title Possible scientific managers Source of funding
9. Investigation of impact of energy markets transformation on energy consumption and Economy Dr. Inga Konstantinavičiūtė state-funded


Now accepting applications for an additional (autumn) intake to PhD studies at Lithuanian Energy Institute.

Refer your application to Studies Administrator via e-mail (contact details below).

Documents will be accepted on-campus (Breslaujos st. 3, LT-44403 Kaunas, Lithuania. Office AK-233) during 3rd to 12th of September 2018.

PhD studies


Lithuanian Energy Institute in cooperation with Lithuanian universities implements joint doctoral studies in the following science fields:

  • Power and Thermal Engineering (Technological Sciences) – in cooperation with Kaunas University of Technology;
  • Environmental Engineering (Technological Sciences) – in cooperation with Kaunas University of Technology and Aleksandras Stulginskis University;
  • Economics (Social Sciences) – in cooperation with Kaunas University of Technology and Klaipėda University.


Who can apply for PhD studies:

Individuals with Master’s qualification degree or having graduated from one-level higher education system.


A PhD programme corresponds to 4 years studies (full-time mode) and consists of:

  • Independent research under supervision;
  • Courses for PhD students ( approx. 4 modules, 30 ECTS credits);
  • Writing and publishing at least 2 scientific articles;
  • Participating in at least 2 international conferences;
  • The completion of a PhD thesis.


A doctoral degree is awarded by Kaunas university of Technology to a person who has successfully completed doctoral studies and defended a doctoral dissertation.


Admission procedure

  1. Submit required documents:

– Application for admission;

– Copy of ID card or passport ID page;

– Curriculum Vitae

– Master’s diploma or equivalent higher education degree and diploma supplement (translated into    English or Lithuanian and certified by notarization)*;

– References by two academic referees or researchers in the field;

– List of applicant’s scientific publications and  their copies or a research project on the selected PhD topic;

– One photo (3 cm x 4 cm);

– Certificate of English proficiency: IELTS ≥6.5, TOEFL≥90, ECFR≥C1, or equivalent;

– Other relevant documents (e.g. certification about passed examinations of doctoral studies’level, certifications of various courses, achievements etc.)

* If your education documents are issued in the country other than Lithuania, the document certifying your diplomas’ evaluation is obligatory

(see )

  1. Participate in motivational interviews online or in-place
  2. Sign a study agreement


Important dates:

Announcement of PhD research topic list at  – January
Submission of applications – March – June
Participation in motivational interview – 29–30 June – 1-2 July
Signing  Study agreement – July – August
Beginning of studies – 1 September
Additional admission (-s) is (are) organised for the remaining state-funded   September-November 2018.



The PhD studies can be financed by the budget of the Republic of Lithuania or a PhD student‘s  personal finances


Scholarships for studies:

– Doctoral students admitted to state-funded positions receive monthly scholarships: during the 1st year of studies 395.20 Euro/month, during the 2nd-4th years of studies 456 Euro/month.


Immigration Regulations

Visit the website of the Migration Department for requirements at


Contact person: Jolanta Kazakevičienė
Studies Administrator
E-mail: ">Jolanta.Kazakeviciene
Phone: +37037401809

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