06/06/2017 - Call for PhD studies at the Institute

Call for new PhD students!

Here are the scientific topics for PhD dissertations for
year 2017:

* Economic analysis of energy sector prospective

* Investigation of risk and reliability of new energy technologies integration in energy system

* Neutron transport and radioatvive processes analysis in ADS and neutron source systems

* Numerical investigation of granulated biofuel dynamics and combustion processes by Discrete Elements Method

* Investigation of the transfer processes in the heat
recovery facilities of the biofuel boiler plants

* The diagnostics of atmospheric pressure electric arc plasma and high-temperature gas flow

* Investigation of local effects in steam-water interface
during condensation

* Investigation of magnesium based hydride phase changes
application for the heat energy storage application

URL link to the list of topics:

For more information please contact:
Jolanta Kazakevičienė
Studies administrator
tel. +370-37-401809
e-mail.: Jolanta.Kazakeviciene@lei.lt