2012/04/13 - ITER Newsline No. 218



We are pleased to present the 13 Apr, 2012 (#218) issue of the ITER Newsline.

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ITER engages in energy security debate



Focus On



Twenty-seven years after the leaders of the United States and the Soviet Union, Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev, met on the Swiss shore of Lake Geneva to agree on an international effort to develop fusion energy "as an inexhaustible source of energy for the benefit of mankind," the ITER project—born that day—entered...






The challenging design of ITER's cooling water system






The design of ITER's Cooling Water System is maturing. The system, consisting of the Tokamak Cooling Water System (TCWS), the Component Cooling Water System (CCWS), the Chilled Water System (CHWS) and the Heat Rejection System (HRS), is responsible for removing the enormous amounts of heat generated by the tokamak and its auxiliary...








Really cool: ITER's Cooling Water System in 3D



Featured Video



From 20-22 March 2012, more than 20 participants from the ITER Organization, the US Domestic Agency (US-DA), plus outside experts contributed to an in-depth review of the preliminary design of the ITER Tokamak Cooling Water System (see report in this issue). This short video provides an overview of a 3D model of the system's...






ASDEX upgrade backdrop for cello concert recording



Fusion World



'Magnetar,' a concerto for electric cello by Mexican composer Enrico Chapela, did in fact recently have its premiere in the USA, but exerpts had previously been heard at the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics in Garching. Young cello virtuoso Johannes Moser had chosen the ASDEX Upgrade fusion device as backdrop for a music video....








Filming in the rain



Image of the Week



Coming soon to a TV set near you: Program #7 of the ITER series produced by local channel Télé Locale Provence (TLP).   After an interruption of more than two years, ITER and TLP are resuming their collaboration. Journalist Sébastien Galaup and cameraman Pierre-Paul Giudicelli were back on site last week—despite some heavy rain—to...






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