2012/11/15-16 - Conference on Energy Security: Outlook & perspectives in the Baltic Sea region

15-16 November, 2012, Lithuania’s Academy of Sciences, Gedimino pr.3, Vilnius 


The conference is being organised by the European Commission Joint Research Centre, Lithuanian Energy Institute and Energy Security Center with speakers representing governments of the Baltic states, system operators, private industrial companies, universities and research institutes.

The plenary talks will be given by E. Ušpuras, Director of Lithuanian Energy Institute and G. De Santi, Director of the Institute for Energy and Transport, Joint Research Centre, European Commission.

Conference aim

The Baltic States are still an island within the European energy infrastructure. A number of plans to interconnect the Baltic States with European networks have been recently discussed and developed. This raises not only questions about regulation, investment strategy and efficiency, but also global need to address energy security, climate change and economic growth that is equally pertinent to the Baltic states, its neighbouring partners as well as the rest of the EU.

The conference has as main objective the identification of potential contributions of science and technology to energy security in the Baltic Sea region.

To this end the conference will bring together relevant stakeholders: leading researchers, system operators, government representatives, regulators and analysts. Topics will range from market regulations to industrial perspectives and innovation, from energy networks to optimal mixed energy solutions, including nuclear and renewables.

The conference aims not only to address issues, but will encourage participants to network and establish partnerships. An instrument for this will be the opportunity to show-case their findings and concrete achievements at exhibition stands.