26-30/08/2013 - ETSON JSP summer workshop 2013

General information
ETSON, the European Technical Safety Organisation Network, is the European association of nuclear safety bodies (TSOs) that realize the technical evaluation of safety files in support of their national authorities. The members are professional science based organisations from the nuclear countries in Europe.
The ETSON Junior Staff Programme (ETSON JSP)
brings together young experts from all ETSON members and associates. The ETSON JSP aims at improving the long-term partnership of the member TSOs, establish a network for cooperation between young expert from different countries, and to encourage intercultural interaction. The main yearly events within this framework are the “ETSON Junior Staff Summer Workshops”.
The ETSON JSP Summer Workshop is a combination of lectures and interactive elements, such as group work. Apart from imparting knowledge, the objective of the Summer Workshop is to give participants the opportunity to get to know each other and the respective organisations. This event refers to young professionals with preferably less than 10 years of experience and trainees of TSO in nuclear safety and radiation protection. Participants should require basic knowledge of reactor physics and technology and must be nominated by their parent institutions. Participation in the ETSON JSP Summer Workshop is free of charge.
The JSP summer workshop 2013 will take place 26-30 of August 2013 in Lithuania, Kaunas, Lithuania Energy Institute.
Program of the ETSON JSP summer workshop 2013
The general topic of this Summer Workshop 2013 is ACCIDENT MANAGEMENT.
Preliminary program is here . 
All lectures and documents will be in English.
Outline of topic “Accident Management” 
Information about venue, arrival to LEI and accommodation  
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