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Pranešimas konferencijoje


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Mokslo populiarinimo straipsnis


Džiugys A. [LEI]. Apgintos daktaro disertacijos In: Energetika. (Kronika) [EBSCO, IndexCopernicus, SCOPUS]. Vilnius: Lietuvos mokslų akademija, 2015, T. 61, Nr. 2, p. 9-9. ISSN 0235-7208.

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Septintoji bendroji programa (7BP)


A vast number of engineering applications as diverse as in pharmaceutical, food and processing industry, mining, construction and agricultural machinery, metals manufacturing, energy Daugiau


2019.04.05 - 2023.04.04

Conscious experience is central to our existence, and although important advances have been made in our scientific understanding of the phenomenon, radically different theories are stDaugiau

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Flowing matter lies at the crossroads between industrial processes, fundamental physics, engineering and Earth Sciences. Depending on the microscopic interactions, an assembly of moleDaugiau

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The main objective of the Action is to develop cleaner and more efficient combustion processes through the design and implementation of better defined and more accurate detailed chemiDaugiau

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The main objective of the Action is to support the fundamental research on the statistical properties of particles transported by turbulent flows. Koordinatorius: Eindhoveno technoDaugiau

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PROJECT CODE: BI-LT/20-22-002 PROJECT TITLE: Understanding hygroscopic properties of wood through multiscale modelling (HYGRO-WOOD) PROJECT LEADER: Veerapandian Ponnuchamy, Daugiau

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ES fondų investicijos 2014-2020 m.

Lietuvos energetikos institutas įgyvendina projektą „Vandens garavimo ir kondensacijos procesų tyrimas Molekulinės Dinamikos metodu“ 09.3.3-LMT-K-712-10-0041 finansuojamą Europos sąjuDaugiau