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Laboratory for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (20)
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Pedišius N. [LEI], Škėma R. [LEI], Vrubliauskas S. [LEI], Dzenajavičienė Farida E. [LEI]. ES Interreg programos projekto „Baltijos regiono energetikos rajonavimas – planavimo perspektyvos (BEA-APP)“ vykdymo eiga ir uždaviniai In: Energetika (Kronika). Vilnius: Lietuvos mokslų akademija, 2017, T. 63, Nr. 1, p. xi-xiii. ISSN 0235-7208.
Pedišius N. [LEI], Škėma R. [LEI], Vrubliauskas S. [LEI], Dzenajavičienė Farida E. [LEI]. Atsinaujinančius išteklius naudojančių energetikos objektų planavimas regioniniu lygiu In: Šiluminė technika. Vilnius: Lietuvos šilumos tiekëjų (LŠTA) ir Lietuvos šiluminës technikos inžinierių (LŠTIA) asociacijų žurnalas, 2017, Nr. 1 (70), p. 21-22. ISSN 1392-4346.

International projects

Sixth Framework Programme (FP6)


Central and Eastern European electricity sectors in general deficit of knowledge on newest technologies on co-firing of biomass with fossil fuels, impact of co-firing on the plant itsMore

Fifth Framework Programme (FP5)


Standards are seen as a major measure to develop the markets for solid bio fuels to achieve the environmental, social and agricultural goals of the Commission. On this background the More


To reach the goals set by the "White Paper" and the "Kyoto Protocol" bio energy RTD will have to be enhanced significantly. The introduction of the European Research Area (ERA) will sMore


BEA-APP project logo thumbnail

In the project "Baltic Energy Areas – A Planning Perspective" (BEA-APP) 11 partners from eight countries around the Baltic Sea cooperate to support the transition towards low-carbon eMore


The Baltic Sea Region, with its agricultural and forest resources, has great potential to fulfil EU objectives for biomass heat, power and fuel production. However, sustainable bioeneMore

Intelligent Energy Europe


The project was set-up to lay the ground for an extended use of decentralised and sustainable energy actions of the European Cohesion Programmes after 2006. Starting from the favourabMore


The project was designed chiefly to develop strategies aimed at integrating energy from renewable sources into European power grids as cheaply as possible. The project's basic tool, tMore