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Private: Laboratory for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (20)
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Škėma R. [LEI], Gaigalis V. [LEI], Valaitienė J. [LEI]. ES mokslinių tyrimų ir inovacijų programos „Horizontas 2020“ tarptautinio projekto „Energijos vartojimo efektyvumo daugiapakopio valdymo spartinimas (multEE)“ vykdymo eiga ir uždaviniai In: Energetika (Kronika). Vilnius: Lietuvos mokslų akademija, 2017, T. 63, Nr. 1, p. viii-x. ISSN 0235-7208.


Škėma R. [LEI], Gaigalis V. [LEI], Valaitienė J. [LEI]. ES mokslinių tyrimų ir inovacijų programos „HORIZON 2020“ tarptautinis projektas „Energijos vartojimo efektyvumo daugiapakopio valdymo spartinimas (multEE)“ In: Šiluminė technika. Vilnius: Lietuvos šilumos tiekėjų (LŠTA) ir Lietuvos šiluminės technikos inžinierių (LŠTIA) asociacija, 2015, Nr. 3 (64), p. 19-20. ISSN 1392-4346.

International projects

Horizon 2020

EPATEE project logo

EPATEE (Evaluation Into Practice to Achieve Targets for Energy Efficiency) is an EU funded project which is aims to give EU Member States tools and knowledge for a better evaluation oMore

multEE project logo

MultEE aims to improve the ease and quality of energy efficiency (EE) policy planning and implementation in the project’s partner countries and beyond, addressing the challenges of evMore

Fifth Framework Programme (FP5)


OPET is the Network of Organization for the Promotion of Energy Technologies in European Union and other countries with focus on the development of a market for non-nuclear energy tecMore



Main aim of the PEA project is to foster regional development through energy related improvement of added value chains. The field of energy is communicated as a motor for sustainable More


The overall objective of “Regenergy - Network of Pioneering Communities and Regions Working on Innovative Heat Energy Solutions” is to contribute to a secure, environmentally sound, aMore

Intelligent Energy Europe


Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) can provide substantial energy savings in the EU countries using the principle of repaying the energy efficiency investments directly from the savMore


The “Integration of Active Learning and energy monitoring with School Curriculum” project has been reviewed and results of its implementation are presented. The project was executed bMore