Kristina Brinkienė

Laboratory of Materials Research and Testing (16)
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Kalpokaitė Dičkuvienė R. [LEI], Lukošiūtė I. [LEI], Brinkienė K. [LEI], Striūgas N. [LEI], Baltušnikas A. [LEI], Lukauskaitė R., Čėsnienė J. [LEI]. Utilization of sewage sludge-biomass gasification residue in cement-based materials: effect of pozzolant type In: Environmental technology. Ablington, England: Taylor & Francis Group, 2018, Vol. 39, No. 22, p. 2937-2950. ISSN 0959-3330.
Čėsnienė J. [LEI], Baltušnikas A. [LEI], Lukošiūtė I. [LEI], Brinkienė K. [LEI], Kalpokaitė Dičkuvienė R. [LEI]. Influence of organoclay structural characteristics on properties and hydration of cement pastes In: Construction and building materials. Oxford, England: Elsevier, 2018, Vol. 166, p. 59-71. ISSN 0950-0618.


Brinkienė K. [LEI], Čėsnienė J. [LEI], Kalpokaitė Dičkuvienė R. [LEI], Lukošiūtė I. [LEI]. Performance evaluation of refractory composite coatings in potassium rich environment In: Materials science (Medžagotyra). Kaunas: Kauno technologijos universitetas, 2016, Vol. 22, No. 3, p. 451-457. ISSN 1392-1320.


Kalpokaitė Dičkuvienė R. [LEI], Lukošiūtė I. [LEI], Brinkienė K. [LEI], Baltušnikas A. [LEI], Čėsnienė J. [LEI]. Properties of waste catalyst-cement mortars: impact of organoclay type In: Fresenius Environmental Bulletin. Germany: Parlar Scientific Publications, 2015, Vol. 24, No. 10b, p. 3460-3466. ISSN 1018-4619.
Brinkienė K. [LEI], Čėsnienė J. [LEI], Lukošiūtė I. [LEI], Baltušnikas A. [LEI], Kalpokaitė Dičkuvienė R. [LEI]. Effect of organoclay addition on durability related properties of cement pastes In: Fresenius Environmental Bulletin. Germany: 2015, Vol. 24, Iss. 8a, p. 2624-2629. ISSN 1018-4619.
Kalpokaitė Dičkuvienė R. [LEI], Lukošiūtė I. [LEI], Čėsnienė J. [LEI], Brinkienė K. [LEI], Baltušnikas A. [LEI]. Cement substitution by organoclay – The role of organoclay type In: Cement & Concrete Composites : Elsevier. 2015, Vol. 62, p. 90-96. ISSN 0958-9465, eISSN 1873-393X.


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Brinkienė K. [LEI], Kėželis R. [LEI], Mėčius V. [LEI], Čėsnienė J. [LEI]. Nanostructured bioceramic coatings obtained by plasma spray technique In: European cells and materials. 2010, Vol. 20, No. 3, p. 289. ISSN 1473-2262.

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