Life Cycle Inventories for Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing Processes (COST 530)

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25.06.2001 - 24.06.2006
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The Action aimed to increase the knowledge of environmental impacts of manufacturing processes in order to develop and implement environmentally conscious processes, reduce environmental impacts, and take knowledge based decisions. This was reached by fostered application of the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology within the manufacturing industries.

The Action tested the application of LCA for sustainability oriented decision making based on improvement of its operational applicability through increased knowledge and advanced methods. It included decision making problems integrating the broader sustainability, especially economic and performance considerations (Eco Efficiency, Life Cycle Engineering) and operational applicability problems with their integration into existing industrial decision-making processes (Design for Environment).

Coordinator: PE Product Engineering GmbH, Germany

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LEI Representative
Vitas Valinčius 116-LK +37037401896

Project Team
Viktorija Grigaitienė 113-LK +37037401898
Pranas Valatkevičius
Romualdas Kėželis 108-LK +37037401894