Science and Management of Intermittent Rivers and Ephemeral Streams (SMIRES) (CA15113)

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11.03.2016 - 10.03.2020
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SMIRES is a COST Action funded by the European Union to generate networking, capacity building and knowledge synthesis in science and management of intermittent rivers and ephemeral streams (IRES). This action brings together academics and water managers, early-career and established researchers, and scientists from 29 different countries to pursue a common goal: to advance the science and management of IRES. Action members share diverse experiences and expertise to enable the development of novel and multi-disciplinary solutions that meet key challenges in IRES science and management.

Intermittent rivers and ephemeral streams (IRES) are waterways that cease to flow and sometimes dry. IRES cover more than half of the global river network and are expanding due to global change. IRES are highly dynamic aquatic-terrestrial ecosystems characterized by a rich biodiversity and providing multiple benefits to societies including water, food, transport and leisure. Despite their prevalence, there is still much to learn about the occurrence, hydrology, biogeochemistry, ecology, social perception and economic value of IRES. Our limited understanding of IRES affects our ability to manage these ecosystems effectively, and IRES remain poorly protected by both national and European water legislation.

SMIRES members comprise a diverse network of more than 200 collaborators from across and beyond Europe. The members contribute to the four working groups, which are investigating IRES hydrology, ecosystem services, biogeochemistry and ecology, respectively. Through these groups, the project members share their expertise to synthesize national and international knowledge on IRES and to develop tools and guidelines to promote their efficient management.

LEI activities in the Project

Representatives of Lithuania take part in the activities of the COST action Management Committee and WG1 “The occurrence, distribution, drivers and hydrological trends of intermittent rivers and ephemeral streams (IRES)”.
LEI scientists participated in creation of common hydrological dataset for IRES investigation in Europe. The aim of current activities is to choose common research methods and develop a common methodology to understand the patterns, distribution and trends of IRES in all European countries.
On the basis of the R programming language, a special statistical package for the investigation of IRES patterns will be created. WG1 members, as well as LEI representative J. Kriaučiūnienė presented reports on the hydrological peculiarities of droughts and on-going scientific investigations concerning IRES in their native countries.

Coordinator: COST Representation, Brussels, Belgium


  • Austria, Prof. Gregor LAAHA
  • Austria, Dr Gabriele WEIGELHOFER
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina, Prof. Svjetlana STANIC-KOSTROMAN
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr Dejan DMITROVIC
  • Bulgaria, Prof. Plamen NINOV
  • Bulgaria, Dr. Emiliya VELIZAROVA
  • Croatia, Dr Ana PREVISIC
  • Croatia, Dr. Marko MILISA
  • Cyprus, Dr Gerald DÖRFLINGER
  • Czech Republic, Dr Petr PAŘIL
  • Czech Republic, Mr David VESELY
  • Finland, Dr Jani HEINO
  • Finland, Dr Janne SOININEN
  • France, Dr. Benedict AUGEARD
  • France, Dr Eric SAUQUET
  • Germany, Prof Michael MUTZ
  • Germany, Dr Gabriel SINGER
  • Greece, Dr. Ourania TZORAKI
  • Greece, Prof. Phoebe KOUNDOURI
  • Hungary, Dr Zoltán CSABAI
  • Iceland, Dr. Jon S. OLAFSSON
  • Ireland, Dr Alan GILMER
  • Ireland, Ms. Mariya Radomski
  • Israel, Dr Shai ARNON
  • Israel, Mr Avi UZAN
  • Italy, Dr Claudia CAMPANA
  • Italy, Dr Annamaria ZOPPINI
  • Lithuania, Dr Jurate KRIAUCIUNIENE
  • Malta, Dr Eman CALLEJA
  • Montenegro, Prof. Vladimir PESIC
  • Montenegro, Mr Zoran MRDAK
  • Netherlands, Dr Ángel DE MIGUEL GARCÍA
  • Netherlands, Dr Jochen FROEBRICH
  • Norway, Prof. Lena Merete TALLAKSEN
  • Norway, Dr. Kolbjorn ENGELAND
  • Poland, Prof. Kazimierz BANASIK
  • Poland, Dr Michal CIACH
  • Portugal, Prof. Manuela MORAIS
  • Portugal, Ms Maria Helena ALVES
  • Serbia, Dr. Atila BEZDAN
  • Serbia, Dr Djuradj MILOŠEVIĆ
  • Slovakia, Dr Tatiana KALETOVA
  • Slovakia, Prof. Silvia KOHNOVA
  • Slovenia, Dr Simon RUSJAN
  • Spain, Dr Antoni MUNNÉ
  • Spain, Dr Dídac JORDA-CAPDEVILA
  • Sweden, Dr. Leonard SANDIN
  • Sweden, Dr. Birgitta MALM RENÖFÄLT
  • Switzerland, Dr. Chris ROBINSON
  • Switzerland, Dr. Amael PAILLEX
  • United Kingdom, Dr. Rachel STUBBINGTON
  • United Kingdom, Dr Judy ENGLAND

Project Team

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LEI Representative
Jūratė Kriaučiūnienė 426-AK +37037401962

Project Team
Diana Šarauskienė 425-AK +37037401969
Darius Jakimavičius 417-AK +37037401965
Vytautas Akstinas 421-AK +37037401967