Electrical discharges with liquids for future applications (TD1208)

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11.04.2013 - 10.04.2017
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Plasmas generated in liquids and gas discharges interacting with liquids are today hot topic greatly interesting plasma physicists and plasma chemists due to the broad field of potential applications. Plasma-liquid systems can produce strongly non-equilibrium environments. Plasma-liquid interactions represent a great opportunity for developing novel chemistries and related technologies. This Action aims at bringing together a high level of experimental, simulation and theoretical expertise available around Europe. This Action will support a coordinated effort that will improve our knowledge of basic processes responsible for initiating and sustaining discharges in/on liquids. New applications will be identified with direct benefits to the European industrial sector. Potential technological impact is foreseen in a range of application fields such as water and surface treatment, synthesis of nanoparticles, catalysis, formation of new organic compounds, and biochemistry. The Action will bring together researchers and practitioners from diverse fields including physics, chemistry, materials science, engineering and biology. The Action’s activities exhibit a strongly interdisciplinary character and will represent the basis for future developments. The research platform as well as the new infrastructure, obtained knowledge and experience developed under the Action will form an effective background for the future research and deep international collaboration across all disciplines involved.

LEI activities in the Project

Various experiments of organic material decomposition were carried out. Chosen gaseous substances – hydrocarbons, liquid materials – toluene, glycerol, and solid materials – wood granules were introduced into the plasma-chemical reactor to perform the conversion.

Coordinator: Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic

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Viktorija Grigaitienė 113-LK +37037401898 Viktorija.Grigaitiene@lei.lt

Project Team
Andrius Tamošiūnas 232-AK +37037401999 Andrius.Tamosiunas@lei.lt
Dovilė Gimžauskaitė 110-LK +37037401866 Dovile.Gimzauskaite@lei.lt
Vitas Valinčius 116-LK +37037401896 Vitas.Valincius@lei.lt