Competition for additional admission to the doctoral studies 2021

The Lithuanian Energy Institute announces a competition for Additional Admission to a limited number of state-funded full-time doctoral studies in the fields of Energetics and Power Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Economics.

Applicants have to submit the documents via e-mail or submit to Breslaujos st. 3, LT-44403 Kaunas, Lithuania, room AK-233. The paper version of documets will be asked when signing a study agreement.

Important dates and deadlines:
Submission of applications:
from September 13, 2021 (8 a. m. – 4.30 p. m.) till September 17, 2021 (8 a. m. – 1 p. m.)

Motivational interviews:
21-24 September, 2021

You will find all the information and Doctoral research topics for candidates to doctoral studies intake 2021 here:

Contact person

Studies Administrator Jolanta Kazakevičienė
Address Breslaujos str. 3 – 233, LT-44403 Kaunas
Phone +370 37 401809