Comprehensive software, maintaining the integrated data analysis, graphics, database management, and custom application development system featuring a wide selection of basic and advanced analytic procedures.

Risk Watcher

Software for analysis for different power plants (to be closed and new) risk monitoring with taking into account of the operational modes, failures of equipment, repairs, periodic stress tests, different system configurations, environmental factors, and other.

MIKE 21 modeling system

Digital modeling of waves, hydrodynamic processes and sediment transport in water bodies(two-dimensional models).

SolidWorks Premium

Software package for construction and design to work drawings of multi-purpose equipment and vehicles. Strength verification with engineering-level calculus.


Drawing software for systematization and automatization of the design documentation (drawings) preparation.


Universal software for solving of neutron transport equation by applying hybrid deterministic and Monte Carlo method.


Software for calculation of forces and moments acting on piping systems, depending on the internal pressure, own weight, thermal expansion, thermal displacement of supports, wind, external forces and moments waterhammer, seismic, displacements of supports due to seismic and other loads.


Software for modeling of complex networks of district heating systems, and calculation of static hydraulic pressure and thermodynamic parameters (heat transfer, coolant temperature by assessing system inertia as well) at any section of the heating network.


Mathematical software package, with large library of specialized tools for different types of modeling.

RiskSpectrum, R-DAT, ReliaSoft

Software for risk monitoring by considering different operational modes of nuclear power plants, equipment failures, repairs, periodic stress tests, different system configurations, environmental factors, and so on.