GREEN DEAL-TURKLIT (GEH): Study visit in Vilnius Program

On October 4-8, the delegation of Istanbul municipality visited Vilnius in the frame of Vilnius and Istanbul municipality project GREEN DEAL-TURKLIT (GEH) “Platform concept developing green and smart solutions via long-term exchange of experts and ideas between Lithuania and Türkiye“.

During the visit, the Vilnius Municipality, the Vilnius Cogeneration Power Plant, and “Užstato sistemos administratorius” (Deposit System Administrator) were visited. Meetings were also held with the representatives of the “Atnaujinkime miestą” (Renew the City), Intelligent Energy Lab and Lithuanian District Heating Association.

During this visit, Deputy Director of Lithuanian Energy Institute Rolandas Urbonas presented possibilities of joint projects funded by international programmes and held a discussion on the topic “Smart tools”.