LEI will take part in two Baltic Research Programme 3-rd Call projects recently selected for funding

Lithuanian Energy Institute will take part in two of the eight new projects approved and selected for funding for the 3-rd Call of the Baltic Research Programme.

Baltic Research Programme is a joint research program of three Baltic States: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, funded from the funds of financial mechanism of the European Economic Area (EEA) States (Iceland and Liechtenstein) and Norway 2014-2021.

Programme goals:
• Consolidation of research potential of Baltic States, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.
• Strengthening of regional cooperation in research relevant to the countries of the region.
• Filling of the gap between the national research funding and the European Union Structural Assistance.

Projects LEI will take part in:

Aluminum in circle economy – from waste through hydrogen energy to alumina – AliCE-Why.

The project seeks to develop technological solutions for use of aluminium waste application on electricity generation using hydrogen produced after (waste) aluminium-water reaction. Reaction by-product can be further recycled back to Al via carbon free electrolysis. Moreover, by-product can be used as a precursor for other valuable materials production.

Coordinator – University of Latvia’s Institute of Solid State Physics (Latvia)
Partners: University of Iceland (Iceland), Innovation Center Iceland (Iceland), Lithuanian Energy Institute (Lithuania)

Innovation in concrete design for hazardous waste management applications.

The project seeks to develop specialized concrete for the long-term storage of hazardous waste, which can be immobilized in concrete containers or directly in the concrete mass.

Coordinator – Riga Technical University (Latvia)
Partners: – UiT The Arctic University of Norway (Norway), University of Tartu (Estonia), Lithuanian Energy Institute (Lithuania)

More on the programme: https://www.lmt.lt/en/research-funding/international-collaborations/baltic-research-programme/3344