Lithuanian Energy Institute supports Ukraine

Today, Ukraine is suffering from brutal, open and large-scale war and aggression by the Russian Federation. The Lithuanian Energy Institute (LEI) condemns actions of the aggressor.

The community of the Lithuanian Energy Institute admires the unity and heroism of the Ukrainian people in defending their country, its independence and democracy. “The Institute expresses support and encouragement to Ukraine and its people. LEI cooperates and is ready to expand cooperation with Ukrainian scientific institutions. Currently, 3 Ukrainian citizens are studying and conducting research at the Lithuanian Energy Institute. The institute is ready to accept more Ukrainian students and researchers and provide them with support during these difficult times. We are together with the people of Ukraine” – says Sigitas Rimkevičius, Director of LEI.

Slava Ukraini! Heroyam Slava!


Information for those willing to support Ukraine by providing material or humanitarian aid:

Humanitarian aid:
You can help by volunteering at Lithuanian Red Cross, Carite Lithuania, Maltesers, by donating food to Food Bank (Maisto Bankas) and by offering shelter by registering at

Financial support:
Blue/Yellow (