Small reactors without on-site refuelling (IAEA CRP I25001 No. 13092)

Project programme
01.12.2004 - 31.12.2008
Project status
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Under this IAEA program in 2007-2008 LEI researchers performed work, which included the assessment of evacuation zone and protection means of NPPs and the analysis of perspectives of safe and efficient small and medium capacity reactors. Title of the project “Review of economical benefit of evacuation zone and safety measures around nuclear power plants with innovative small and medium capacity reactors in the regions, where reactors are used for electricity and heat generation”.

LEI activities in the Project

Performing research there was an attempt to develop an economic efficiency study, where the possibilities of new NPP use for district heating were analysed. In the work it was analysed what the economic effect would be if reactor power plant were used for electricity production as well as district heating. Performed research revealed how the efficiency of new NPP increases in such case.

Coordinator: Lithuanian Energy Institute (LEI)

Project Team

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LEI Representative
Juozas Augutis 315-AK +37037401973