2nd CERN Baltic Conference (CBC 2022)

LocationCentre of Physical and Technological Sciences. Saulėtekio av. 3. Vilnius

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The 2nd CERN Baltic Conference (CBC 2022) to be held in National Centre of Physical and Technological Sciences (FTMC) in Vilnius, Lithuania on October 10-12, 2022. It is an annual conference organised by the CERN Baltic Group (CBG), where location is rotated within CBG member countries and hosting institutions.
Lithuanian Energy Institute also takes part in CERN Baltic Group’s activities. On our behalf we invite researchers, engineers, students (of all levels), and industrial representatives as well as stakeholders of the Baltic states to participate in the event.

Goals and Objectives

In the spirit of CBG principles (transparency, honesty, sharing and collaboration), the Conference has set the following objectives:

    Connect and build CERN (and beyond) community in the Baltic states.
  • Induce collaboration(s) by sharing who is doing what? What are the interests, topics, competences, aspirations?
  • Provide multidisciplinary networking platform, where individual researchers, scientific groups and companies from the Baltic states can find synergies and opportunities for collaboration.
  • Inform and engage stakeholders and industries across the Baltic states.

The Conference aims to gather the Baltic scientists and research institutions, and to help organizing activities towards the long-term mission, such as that of CERN and related collaborations/experiments.

The Scope and Topics

The scientific and technical CERN Baltic Conference covers the full spectrum of CERN and related activities (e.g. research, engineering, computing, industrial, and policy).

Topics are related, but not limited to: Accelerator, Detector and other Advanced Technologies, High Energy Physics, Data Science and Computing, Nuclear Medicine. From physics to engineering, from fundamental science to industry. Topics will be logically linked to the CBG activities within the CERN collaborations, experiments and studies: such as CMS, CLIC, FCC, MEDICIS, AEGIS, CLOUD, and others.

Target Audience and Participants

CERN-related researchers, engineers, students (of all levels), and industrial representatives (incl. CERN Industrial Liaison Officers of EE, LT, and LV) as well as stakeholders of the Baltic states.

Expert speakers form CERN and CBG Member institutions will be invited to participate and to contribute to the each of the topics.

Important deadlines
Registration and Event Page: https://indico.cern.ch/e/cbc2022
Abstract submission closes: September 15th
Conference starts: October 10th. 9:00.
Conference ends: October 12th 19:00.

Preliminary conference fee:
120 Euro

Contact us at:

National Centre of Physical and Technological Sciences
Saulėtekio av. 3. LT-10257 Vilnius

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