The HARMONISE project’s second workshop was held in Celje, SI

The second meeting of the HARMONISE stakeholder network took place in Celje, Slovenia on 20 and 21 June 2023 with participants from international organizations, the European Commission as well as the HARMONISE, ECC-Smart, ELSMOR and McSAFER projects. The physical meeting was attended by forty five participants while it allowed for virtual participation with thirty registered attendees.

The event was entitled “Workshop on the Safety of Small Modular, Advanced and Fusion Reactors” and organized by HARMONISE in cooperation with ECC-Smart and support from ELSMOR and McSAFER. During the two-day workshop the participants had the opportunity to confer on the specifics of identifying and formulating the technical approaches, methods and criteria needed for developing safety cases of future nuclear facilities. Participants from the Euratom-funded projects outlined the project technical idiosyncrasies while insightful input was provided from guest speakers having experience in international organizations handling nuclear and non-nuclear safety cases and regulations.

More info: HARMONISE Press Release

The next workshop is scheduled to take place online in fall 2023.