RenOnBill webinar for energy utilities and financial institutions took place

On March 26th, 2021, an RenOnBill project webinar for energy utilities and financial institutions took place, during which dr. Aušra Pažėraitė presented on-bill schemes (OBS)) and explained selected on-bill business models. The seminar was moderated by dr. Rolandas Urbonas.

On-bill schemes (OBS) are flexible and innovative solutions to accelerate the EU’s renovation wave in the residential building sector. OBS use a utility’s energy bill as a repayment vehicle for energy renovation investments and present an interesting business opportunity for energy utilities and financial institutions. By stepping into the on-bill market, utilities and financial institutions can increase their client base, gain leadership in the energy renovation market, and expand their portfolio of sustainable lending and service offers.

Over the past years, OBS have proven to be an effective market-based approach for energy renovations in the residential sector in North America. The RenOnBill project assesses the replicability of on-bill schemes in Europe and has developed a set of on-bill business models that have the potential to boost residential energy renovation in Europe.

About the RenOnBill project: