Flexible internships available at the Lithuanian Energy Institute

Acquire new skills, become part of a team of experts and work with the latest world-class scientific equipment – Internship at the Lithuanian Energy Institute offers many opportunities in the world of Science.

Flexible timetable for internships during the summer is also available. Students from Lithuania, Italy, the United Arab Emirates and France are currently interning at the Institute. Simon Tixier, a student at the Polytech Orléans Engineering School, France, is doing his internship at the LEI Laboratory of Combustion Processes: “During my internship at the Lithuanian Energy Institute, I am working on plasma-assisted combustion, where I collect, process, and analyze experimental data. I enjoy being involved in the entire process, which gives me a real sense of contribution and a deeper understanding, rather than just crunching numbers all day. The people are also nice and welcoming, making it easy for me to fit in and enjoy my work.”, says the intern.

Internships at LEI are open to students studying or graduating with a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in fields relevant to energy research. In the academic year 2023-2024, 22 students from varied study programs as Materials Physics and Nanotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology, Applied Chemistry, Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Multimedia Technologies, Information Systems, Mechanical Engineering, Economics and Management, etc., completed internships at LEI.

Start with an internship at the Lithuanian Energy Institute: study@lei.lt