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About the project

Ledo sangrūdų potvynių rizikos valdymas Latvijos ir Lietuvos regionuose besikeičiant klimatui (ICEREG).
The “ICEREG” project aims to enhance the management of ice-jam flood risk by developing comprehensive flood maps and refining the conceptual model of ice-jam flood formation, particularly in the context of climate change. Although Latvia and Lithuania have included flood risk reduction and management into their climate change adaptation plans, the specific dynamics of ice-jam phenomena remain unexplored. Ice jams, as an additional source of flooding, pose a significant risk, capable of causing widespread inundation and substantial damage to both communities and the economy of the Latvia-Lithuania border regions. The unpredictability of ice jams adds to the challenge, necessitating a deeper understanding of the meteorological and hydrological conditions that contribute to ice-jam flood formation. Through transnational cooperation of national public authorities, research institution and local authorities, the project will propose and transfer good practices to target groups in order to improve ice-jam flood management in the context of climate change. Ice-jam floods will be modelled and mapped for the vulnerable territories in Latvia and Lithuania This model will be used to improve the existing early warning system by ice-jam flood information. As a result, the “ICEREG” project will significantly enhance the safety and resilience of the Latvia-Lithuania cross-border regions contending with the multifaceted challenges posed by ice-jam floods and climate change.

Keywords: ice-jam floods, hydrodynamic modelling, risk management, climate change

Acronym: ICEREG

Project ID: LL-00136

Call / Instrument: Interreg VI-A Latvia–Lithuania Programme 2021–2027, ERDF – European Regional Development Fund

Project budget: 523 266 EUR in total, of which 218 900 EUR allocated to LEI

Coordinator: Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology centrey, Latvia



The Project is funded by the European Union’s Interreg VI-A Latvia–Lithuania Programme 2021–2027