INNO4GRAPH project – INNOvative tools FOR dismantling of GRAPHite moderated nuclear reactors

INNO4GRAPH is a Horizon 2020 project launched in the end of 2020. Lithuanian Energy Institute is one of the participants in this project.

The decommissioning of permanently shut down graphite moderated nuclear reactors worldwide is still in its early stages with the majority of reactors in “safe store” condition. For the decommissioning of these reactors, there are still considerable industrial and technical challenges that remain to be tackled even after more than 30 years of operational shutdown of the first unit. Challenges related to the dimension and complexity of the structure as well as costs for decommissioning urge for novel, more performant, safer and cost-efficient solutions for dismantling operations.

INNO4GRAPH aims at developing a set of physical and digital tools and methods to be used both upstream of dismantling operations (for material characterisation and decision-making) and during dismantling operations (for handling and cutting). Tools such as 3D modelling of dismantling scenarios, measurement tools for mechanical and physical properties, mock-ups of the graphite stack and laser-cutting during dismantling operations will be developed.

LEI Nuclear Engineering Laboratory is involved in:
• Developing of a multi-criteria grid analysis tool to support the choice between different dismantling scenarios
• Defining graphite properties important during dismantling operations
• Development of specifications of non-standard tools
• Development of methods for evaluation of tools dedicated to graphite retrieval
• 3D simulation of dismantling scenarios

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