Svetlana Kunskaja

Laboratory of Energy Systems Research (31)
PhD student
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Book or monograph chapter


Johannes Fabian B., Kunskaja S. [LEI], Budzyński A., Jitea I.-C., Traistao C.. Thermal hydrogen production from depleted oil reservoirs and SDG 12: A critical perspective In: Contemporary problems of power engineering and environmental protection 2022 . Gliwice: Silesian University of Technology, 2023, p. 273-285. ISBN 978-83-964116-2-4.

Scientific article


Kunskaja S. [LEI], Bauer J. F., Budzyński A., Jitea I.-C.. A research analysis: The implementation Of innovative energy Technologies and their Alignment with SDG 12 In: Transfer of technologies: industry, energy, nanotechnology. Kharkiv: PC Technology Center, 2023, Vol. 5, No. 13, p. 6-25. ISSN 1729-3774, eISSN 1729-4061.
Kunskaja S. [LEI], Bauer J. F., Budzyński A., Jitea I.-C.. A research analysis: the implementation of innovative energy technologies and their alignment with SDG 12 In: Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies. Platform&Workflow by OJS/PKP, 2023, T. 5, No. 13, p. 6-25. ISSN 1729-3774.
Pažėraitė A. [LEI], Kunskaja S. [LEI]. Consumption Behaviour in the Context of Sustainable Energy: Theoretical Approach In: Springer Proceedings in Earth and Environmental Sciences. Springer, 2023, Part F639, p. 77-85. ISSN 2524-342X, eISSN 2524-3438 ISBN 978-3-031-25839-8, eISBN 978-3-031-25840-4.

Conference paper


Kunskaja S. [LEI], Budzyński A.. Sustainable Societal Transformation: Shaping Renewable Energy Technologies in Transport In: MATERIALS of the 3-nd International Scientific and Practical Conference ENERGY-OPTIMAL TECHNOLOGIES, LOGISTICS AND SAFETY ON TRANSPORT 9–10 November 2023. Lviv: Lviv Polytechnic Publishing House, 2023, УДК 656.223:502 Е 61, p. 58-58. ISBN 978-966-941-868-5.
Kunskaja S. [LEI]. The impact of renewable energy technologies on personal welfare: environmental aspect In: Abstract Book 4th International Conference Strategies toward Green Deal Implementation Water, Raw Materials & Energy 14 – 15 December 2023. Cracow: Polish Academy of Sciences, 2023, p. 121-121. ISBN 978-83-67606-27-1.
Budzyński A., Bauer J. F., Kunskaja S. [LEI], Jitea I.-C., Traistao C.. The applicability of the european green deal in the transport sector: a qualitative analysis In: CYSENI 2023 19th International Conference of Young scientists on energy and natural sciences issues 23-26 May 2023 , Kaunas, Lithuania. Kaunas: Lietuvos energetikos institutas, 2023, p. 22-22. ISSN 2783-6339.


Kunskaja S. [LEI]. Innovative energy technologies: towards sustainable energy In: Abstracts Book 8th International Black SEA Coastline Countries Scientific Research Conference August 29-30. Sofia: By IKSAD Publishing House, 2022, p. 301-301. ISBN 978-625-8213-30-0.
Kunskaja S. [LEI]. Implementing of innovative energy technologies: Impact on public welfare In: Proceedings Book ATLAS 9th International Social Sciences Congress July 09-10, 2022. University of Jaén: IKSAD GLOBAL Publications, 2022, p. 173-173. ISBN 978-625-8323-77-1.
Kunskaja S. [LEI]. Innovative energy technologies and well-being of society: overview of theory In: CYSENI 2022: 18th international conference of young scientists on energy and natural sciences issues, 24-27 May 2022, Kaunas, Lithuania. Kaunas: Lithuanian Energy Institute, 2022, p. 238-243. ISSN 2783-6339.