Consolidating ambitious climate targets with end-use sufficiency – CACTUS

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01.07.2020 - 30.06.2022
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CACTUS aims to sensitise Central and Eastern European energy and climate stakeholders (scenario builders, policy makers, etc.) about energy sufficiency, and to model its integration into climate and energy strategies.

In the long-term, CACTUS will support the development of more ambitious and effective national mitigation strategies through increased consideration for sufficiency potential in the target countries, in line with the Paris Agreement.

It will pave the way for more ambitious mitigation strategies by providing exploratory quantitative and qualitative analysis on sufficiency’s mitigation potential and will also support the development of sufficiency policies by raising the awareness of policy-decision makers on the sufficiency concept and its mitigation role.

Moreover, it will lay the foundation for further transnational cooperation on this topic sharing project results with a broader community of scenario builders in Europe and raising awareness of European decision-makers on the driving role that sufficiency could play in European climate policy and in the fight against energy poverty in the CEE region and beyond.

Negawatt Association, France

• Foundation for Regional Policy Cooperation in Energy and Infrastructure (REKK Foundation), Hungary
• Lithuanian Energy Institute (LEI), Lithuania
• Fraunhofer ISI, Germany

Overall budget:
204 143,03 EUR (LEI part: 73 557,48 EUR)

Project Team

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LEI Representative
Inga Konstantinavičiūtė 309-AK +37037401952

Project Team
Arvydas Galinis 326-AK +37037401957
Viktorija Bobinaitė 310-AK +37037401956
Aušra Pažėraitė 306-AK +37037401953