Monitoring and control of energy consumption in municipal public Buildings over the Internet (ENERinTOWN)

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01.01.2006 - 30.06.2008
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The ENERinTOWN project ran from January 2006 to June 2008 and aimed to address three key barriers in municipal energy management: Lack of knowledge in energy management techniques
Lack of energy consumption data Experience in implementation of low cost energy saving measures
Standard Municipal energy management agreements were drawn up in each of the partners languages (available from The project focused then on the training of municipal energy managers. 10 Training courses were delivered to 46 energy managers across 32 municipalities in eight member countries. Training courses in several languages are available in addition to the 200 page guide on energy management in the public sector are also available on the website. In addition to this,
case studies were developed to aid the energy managers understanding of energy saving techniques.

The energy monitoring part of the project tried to establish low cost measures of monitoring energy consumption in municipal buildings using existing networks. This proved a significant challenge. While there were and are currently systems that use capital and operationally expensive GSM, the aim was to understand what is possible without GSM based systems, or how to lower the cost of the systems. Good collaboration with IT system managersin addition to progressive metering companies
is essential. All the different options are outlined in chapter 3 of this report.

Significant savings were achieved in the project with both knowledge and data available to the energy manager.

LEI activities in the project

Description of solutions by LEI:

For data collection Electricity and Heat/Gas meters are connected through the M-Bus interface. Data is acquired by the software package “Connecty EtherMeter” device, which collects the readings from all the meters and makes them available trough the LAN (local area network). Data monitoring is performed using a standard Web browser. Every user is authorized. Permissions are personalised for each user and device. User can access only to devices and their properties to which he has appropriate

Total cost: 721 050 EUR

Coordinator: EVE-Ente Vasco de la Energía, Spain


  • EVE – Ente Vasco de la, Energia, Spain
  • Inega – Instituo, Enerxético de Galicia, Spain
  • LDK – Consultants, Engineers and Planners, Greece
  • Tipperary Energy, Agency Ltd., Ireland
  • IST – Instituto Superior, Técnico, Portugal
  • ADEME – Agence De, L’Environment Et De La Maitrise De L’Enegie, France
  • LEI – Lithuanian Energy Institute, Lithuania
  • AREAL – Agencia, Regional de Energia e Ambiente do Algarve, Portugal
  • ZREU – Zentrum für rationelle Energieanwendung und Umvelt GmbH, Germany
  • Ambiente – Italia srl Instituto di Ricerche, Italy

Project Team

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Eugenijus Perednis 123-AK +37037401813