Numerical Modelling of Phenomena in Passive Systems Based on Natural Convection (IAEA No. 22514/R0)

Project programme
29.10.2017 - 28.10.2020
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Investigations will be performed for the two types of passive systems:

  • when the final heat sink is water,
  • when the final heat sink is air.

In the frame of this IAEA Coordinated Research Project the modelling of natural convection and temperature stratification phenomena in the water tank using ANSYS Fluent Computational Fluid Dynamics code will be provided; as well as detail modelling of passive heat removal system with exhausting of residual heat into the outside atmosphere will be performed using system thermal-hydraulic code RELAP5.

Coordinator: IAEA


  • ENNRA, Egypt
  • BATAN, Indonesia
  • KAERI, Korea
  • PAEC, Pakistan
  • LEI, Lithuania
  • ROLLS-ROICE PLC., United Kingdom

Project Team

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LEI Representative
Algirdas Kaliatka 223-AK +37037401903

Project Team
Audrius Graževičius
Tadas Kaliatka 415-AK +37037401911