Audrius Graževičius

Laboratory of Nuclear Installation Safety (17)
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Scientific article



Graževičius A. [LEI], Kaliatka A. [LEI], Ušpuras E. [LEI]. Numerical investigation of two-phase natural convection and temperature stratification phenomena in a rectangular enclosure with conjugate heat transfer In: Nuclear Engineering and Technology. Daejeon: Elsevier, 2020, Vol. 52, Iss. 1, p. 27-36. ISSN 1738-5733.


Conference paper


Graževičius A. [LEI]. Numerical investigation of the thermal hydraulic phenomena in a rectangular enclosure In: The 15th International Conference of Young Scientists on Energy Issues (CYSENI 2018) Kaunas, Lithuania, May 23-25, 2018. Kaunas: Lietuvos energetikos institutas, 2018, p. 269-276. ISSN 1822-7554.


Graževičius A. [LEI]. Modelling of pool heat-up experiment using ANSYS fluent In: The 14th International Conference of Young Scientists on energy Issues (CYSENI 2017), Kaunas, Lithuania, May 25-26, 2017. Kaunas: Lietuvos energetikos institutas, 2017, p. 216-224. ISSN 1822-7554.


Graževičius A. [LEI]. CFD simulating the heat removal from fuel assembly located in a spent fuel pool In: 13th Annual international conference of young scientists on energy issues (CYSENI 2016), Kaunas, Lithuania, May 26–27, 2016. Kaunas: LEI, 2016. Kaunas: Lietuvos energetikos institutas, 2016, p. 341-348. ISSN 1822-7554.

Popular science article


Pabarčius R. [LEI], Graževičius A. [LEI]. Training possibilities in the European Nuclear Education Network In: Energetika (Kronika). 2019, Vol. 65, No. 1, p. 1-2. ISSN 0235-7208.

International projects



Investigations will be performed for the two types of passive systems: when the final heat sink is water, when the final heat sink is air. In the frame of this IAEA CoordinMore