Spent Fuel Characterization (IAEA No T13018)

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12.08.2020 - 31.12.2024
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In order to assess the ability of spent fuel assemblies to meet the requirements for transition from one back end fuel cycle step to another, certain characteristics have to be known to support safety and technical assessments.
The CRP will address the work currently being undertaken to determine the characteristics of spent fuel to ensure its safe management throughout storage, transport and disposal.


The overall objective of this Coordinated Research Project is to support and share information between concerned Member States on issues related to the characterization of spent nuclear fuel in the various steps of its management. This will be achieved by gathering information from Member States regarding the approaches to characterization they have taken and are developing for the various steps of SFM, including the validation of models, techniques and procedures, enabling the exchange of information and experiences between Member States with a greater maturity in this area with Member States with limited experience and infrastructures, aiming at compiling this information in an IAEA Technical Report as the CRP output.

Specific objectives

  • Collecting and exchanging information from Member States on the methods they currently use for characterizing spent fuel at the various steps of SFM and how they have been validated.
  • Sharing information on techniques, systems and codes under development, and their plans for subsequent validation.
  • Identifying the potential for collaborative work between Institutes.
  • Enhancing the maturity of knowledge in MSs with limited experience.
  • Enhance participation of young experts.


LEI activities in the Project

After the closure of Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (INPP), the spent fuel storage became a relevant issue in Lithuania. For this reason, scientists from Lithuanian Energy Institute joined the international IAEA coordinated project “Spent Fuel Characterization”. In this project, Lithuanian Energy Institute scientists are planning to provide a complex investigation (based on numerical and analytical methods) of the spent nuclear fuel to improve calculation methodologies for the analysis of the processes in spent fuel assemblies during dry interim storage. This complex investigation will consist of the neutronic, thermal hydraulic and mechanical analyses. It will allow determining the conditions of spent fuel with greater precision for its characterization and will evaluate the level of possible damages in spent fuel during dry storage. Additionally, possible radioactive releases from the damaged fuel cladding will be evaluated.


Project participants:

Lietuvos energetikos institutas, Lithuania
Republic of Korea

Project Team

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LEI Representative
Andrius Tidikas 253-AK +37037401941 Andrius.Tidikas@lei.lt

Project Team
Algirdas Kaliatka 223-AK +37037401903 Algirdas.Kaliatka@lei.lt
Tadas Kaliatka 415-AK +37037401911 Tadas.Kaliatka@lei.lt
Raimondas Pabarčius 424-AK +37037401919 Raimondas.Pabarcius@lei.lt
Andrius Slavickas 224-AK +37037401810 Andrius.Slavickas@lei.lt