Monitoring the Energy Efficiency Pillar for Climate Neutrality (Odyssee-MURE)

About the Project:
ODYSSEE-MURE “Monitoring the Energy Efficiency Pillar for Climate Neutrality” aims at supporting policy makers in EU Commission, Member States (MS) and Energy Community (EnC) countries to implement the framework of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) as efficiently as possible at national level. It provides updated, well-experienced, user-friendly databases and web-tools for monitoring and evaluating impacts of EE policies. The ODYSSEE database and facilities contain and analyse latest available energy demand and energy efficiency indicators. The MURE database and facilities contain and analyse energy efficiency policies and measures. These tools have been successfully used in the past and will be extended from 27 EU MS to 9 EnC countries, supported by a specific buddy system from selected partners of the EU27. New tools, such as a web-based Energy Efficiency Policy Assessment Tool and a Policy Radar, will strengthen capabilities of EU MS and EnC. The project will enhance, update and modernise ODYSSEE-MURE tools and databases for support to EU MS and EnC through regional and national training events as well as dissemination channels such as country/sector profiles, newsletters, policy briefs, webinars and social media. In addition, we disseminate the analysis developed in this project, through cooperation with the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (eceee) that organises the most important energy efficiency events, and which gathers policy makers, researchers and industry. We further disseminate the results through cooperation with international/ regional organisations such as the Energy Community Secretariat, the International Energy Agency IEA, EEA, UN-Cepal/Eclac and OLADE. ODYSSEE-MURE has a decentral, though harmonised, approach combining a strong Technical Coordination (ADEME, Enerdata, Fraunhofer ISI) with a large number of National Teams (EE agencies), and an efficient project management structure adapted to the large number of partners.

Project number: 101075902
Programme: Programme for Environment and Climate Action (LIFE)
LEI funding: 32 339,94 Eur

Project Team

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LEI Representative
Inga Konstantinavičiūtė 309-AK +37037401952

Project Team
Viktorija Bobinaitė 310-AK +37037401956
Vaclovas Miškinis 308-AK +37037401959